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Popular Demand: Freddie Gibbs
"Risk It All"

Clothing brand Popular Demand debuts their “Risk It All” video series with Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs; talking about his rap career and the many roads he’s had to travel to reach stardom with the world of Hip Hop.


I don’t need your reassurance. I got this.
- Matthew J


I’m not a Raptors fan. I’m not a Drake fan. However, I am Canadian, and that is why I’m posting this video.

“Maybe I’m winning with the wrong kind of people around [me].”
50 Cent, in response to falling out of relationships with certain people he was once close to.

50 Cent on Hot 97 Morning Show (part 1)

50 Cent visits the Hot 97 Morning Show and talks about New York Hip Hop “falling off”, the issues with Game and current former G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, and more.

50 Cent on Hot 97 Morning Show (part 2)

50 Cent speaks on his upcoming TV show Power, his participation in the 2014 Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, beefing with Ja Rule and Rick Ross, Al Sharpton, Shyne, the Animal Ambition album, G-Unit still being a group (in spite of Yayo and Banks), and more.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 films: The Bad Boys (trailer)

One of the most hated squads in the history of modern professional sports. They definitely changed the way the game was played.

Freddie Gibbs x G-Wiz
"On Some G Shit"