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Eric Thomas
Be Unstoppable In Your Quest For Success

"Holy Ghost"

Her smile

Her smile

IAJM … #0031

A woman should never doubt herself even when the odds seem insurmountable. She must stay completely focused on the desires outcome: victory.

Victory, much like defeat, is not guaranteed, but, still you must focus on that rather than the losses.

- Matthew J

All-Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana II (episode 3)

All-Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana II (episode 2)


New Releases/Restocks mid September:

baths   ocean death   cdep
built to spill   keep it like a secret   lp (180 gram repress)
cannibal holocaust   2blu-ray+cd box set
chelsea wolfe   grime and the glow   lp (repress)
cold specks   neuroplasticity   lp (180 gram vinyl)
dilated peoples   directors of photography   cd
dinosaur jr.   j mascis live at cbgb’s: first acoustic show   lp (180 gram colored vinyl)
disclosure   settle   2lp
fidlar   s/t   lp
jennifer castle   pink city   lp
j mascis   tied to a star   cd/lp (colored vinyl)
josh ritter   animal years   lp+cd (180 gram repress)
josh ritter   historical conquests of…   2lp+bonus 12” (180 gram red vinyl repress)
karen o   crush songs   cd/lp (colored vinyl)
lewis   romantic times   cd (light in the attic reissue)
liturgy   renihilation   lp (repress)
lowlife   dvd (seth smith from dog day)
mf doom   operation doomsday   2lp (colored vinyl)
my brightest diamond   this is my hand   cd
new pornographers   brill bruisers   cd/lp (colored vinyl)
rentals   lost in alphaville   lp (180 gram vinyl)
rich aucoin   ephemeral   cd/lp
shellac   dude, incredible   cd/lp+cd (180 gram vinyl) (release date Sept. 16th)
soundtrack   trainspotting   2lp (orange vinyl repress)
spoon   they want my soul   cd/lp (180 gram white vinyl)
st. vincent   s/t   cd/lp
tobacco   ultima II: massage   cd/2lp (yellow vinyl)
ty segall   manipulator   cd/2lp
weezer   s/t (blue album)   lp (180 gram repress)
whirr   sway   lp